What I do.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Building software solutions at Cisco.

2016 - Today

Part of the Smart Licesing team. We build and support Smart Licensing solutions for Cisco partners and customers. Read more...

I help people grow.

2020 - *

I help people reinvent their careers. I run Otesha School, a beginner's path to an entry-level work in Software engineering and development. I teach people the 21st-century skills: coding, leadership, and storytelling. Otesha - Swahili word for 'plant something and make it grow'. At Otesha, we help people to learn and grow. Launching this fall...

We help our customers.

2020 - *

At Otesha, we help our customers build digital products. We use research and technology to create solutions that are simple, practical and fit for scale.. Read more...

International Consultant


Did a bunch of work couple of years ago in international development, tracking economics growth with software, trade & customs modernization with software APIs, and supply chains management. Did wear a suit to work once in a while in those days.